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Popular Culture Resources

Listed below are links to some popular-culture resources. They are meant to serve as a springboard for further research. In addition to these resources, try finding some links on your own, using search engines such as and

Popular Culture: Online Resources
This site, created by Tim Reed of the English and American Studies department at Washington State University for his American Popular Culture course, provides Web links to topics such as fashion, cyberculture, advertising, sports, gender, music, censorship, and film. "The site focuses on the critical analysis of popular culture in the United States, including the impact of that culture beyond national borders. In particular, the site focuses on issues of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, cultural imperialism and censorship, as shaped by and reflected in various mass media." Canadian Cultural Observatory is an interactive hub for cultural policy professionals in Canada. It also contains many links of general interest.

Cultural Studies Central
The Cultural Studies Central (CSC) features original interactive commentary and analysis, and many links to cultural studies resources. The site is maintained by Robin Markowitz, Ph.D. Statistics Canada provides a searchable database of statistical information on Canada's people, economy and governments. This is a good resource for researching many of the issues in this book.

Feed Magazine
Feed, which went online in 1995, is an award-winning online general-interest magazine that covers media, technology, popular culture, science, and the arts., Canada's Cultural Gateway is a site "for anyone who wants to explore, find, and share in the best of Canada's cultural and creative life." At this government site, you will find links to many aspects of Canadian culture.

MCS: The Media and Communication Studies Site
The MCS (pronounced "mix"), is a site developed and maintained by Dr. Daniel Chandler, a lecturer in Media Theory at the Department of Education in the University of Wales, Aberystwyth (UWA). Explains Chandler: "It is 'British-based' firstly in that it is produced in Wales and secondly in that it is intended to give priority to issues of interest to both British scholars in the field and to others who are interested in media in the U.K." The site contains many links relevant to popular culture around the world.

Popular Culture List
This list, maintained by Ryerson University in Toronto Canada, provides links to many popular culture sites, with a particular concentration in film and television studies.

PopMatters is an international magazine of cultural criticism covering popular products including music, television, films, books, video games, computer software, theater, the visual arts, and the Internet. The editorial board's goal is to "reach the broadest possible audience with intelligent and thought-provoking writing that is often not readily available within the mainstream mass media."

Pop Culture Madness
Pop Culture Madness has information on general pop culture, pop music, trivia, jokes, and "a bunch of other stuff!"

Salon Magazine
Salon is an online magazine that features commentary on news, politics, the arts, pop culture, music, books, and social issues.

Bitch Magazine
Bitch | Feminist Response to Pop Culture is a print magazine devoted to incisive commentary on the media-driven world. It features critiques of TV, movies, magazines, advertising, and more—plus interviews with and profiles of cool, smart women in all areas of pop culture.

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