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Top Notch 3 Pronunciator

New Pronunciator with audio!

The purpose of the Pronunciator is to remove doubts about the pronunciation of any proper nouns that appear in the Top Notch Student’s Books but that are not heard on the Class Audio Program; for example, names of people or places that appear in grammar exercises or illustrative material. For each word, the Pronunciator provides both the audio of the pronunciation and the phonetic transcription.

Top Notch 3 Pronunciator

There are two ways to find a word in the Pronunciator:

  1. Browse through the Pronunciator. Click on a word. A new window will open with the Pronunciator audio player. Click on the word in the Results window to hear the word pronounced. In the Pronunciator, the word also has the phonetic transcription next to it.
  2. In the Pronunciator audio player, select a level and type a word in the Search window. The word will appear in the Results window. Click on the word to hear the word pronounced.

The transcription, in the International Phonetic Alphabet [IPA], shows the common pronunciation of the name in American English. When there is more than one possible pronunciation of a name, only one is given as it will be commonly recognized and understood. Note: Pronunciation of non-English names is provided as they would be said by a speaker of American English. For example, Mexico is shown as /'mεksɪkoʊ/, NOT /'mεhɪkoʊ/.

(Note: The Pronunciator is in PDF format. The newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended. Go to the Adobe site to download Acrobat Reader.)

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